Board of Education’s Role

The Board plays a vital and fundamental role in the curriculum and instructional programs. Board members must be informed on the content of the curriculum, ensuring that it equitable, rigorous, and meets state standards. The Board is responsible for keeping the community involved in these decisions. Board members must be informed on federal and state standards. Curriculum should prepare students for post-secondary education/career.

The Board is responsible for advocating and implementing services on behalf of the educational and personal needs of students, families, and staff. These social services include health care, mental health care, assistance for material needs, student/family/staff  education and support. Social-emotional assistance has been a priority during this pandemic. 

The School Board is responsible for building trust and communication with all staff. Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship between labor/management is a crucial aspect of the Board’s responsibilities. The Board must be transparent regarding policies governing salary, terms and conditions of employment, professional development, and employee evaluations.

Schools are an integral component of a community. Schools must provide a quality education, opportunities, and meet the needs of students and families. The response to the pandemic by our district has been exceptional. Programs have been implemented, practically overnight, to address the needs of our students and families. These include assistance with meals, social-emotional support, community resources, educational support, among many others. 

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